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Why I hate Google Instant Search

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It’s not even a month old, but I’ve already tired of Google Instant Search.

It’s not because I don’t like this new feature, I do, it’s what they’ve taken away or what I can’t do that I could before that really gets to me.

The first most annoying issue for me is the fact that they no longer have a search box at the bottom of the search results.

I’m sure Google spent plenty of time with their UX experts looking at all aspects on the page to see what elements were most important and I’m sure the search box at the bottom of the page wasn’t deemed to be one.

That is probably because most normal joe soaps don’t even go that far in the search results and therefore this feature wasn’t used as much. I used it a lot however and I really miss it.

The second most annoying aspect is a new feature. Being someone who rarely uses as mouse as I prefer to navigate with my keyboard I was dismayed to see the new feature that tabs through each search result when you use your “down” or “up” arrow on your keyboard. What that means is that I can no longer browse through through the search results as fast as I used to. It actually takes quite a bit longer to tab through each result on the search results page. I’ve no had to resort to using my mouse scroll wheel to do something I could do without my hands leaving the keyboard… :(

Google need to be careful that with their massive success they don’t forget the web savvy users who helped build their profile by making things less user friendly for them. They’ve clearly chosen UX features that suit the less computer savvy masses, which is fair enough, but some things didn’t need to be removed, it wasn’t as if they have added any value in their place.

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Google launch new Google Instant feature

You may not have noticed yet, but Google have launced a major update to the way they serve their search results.

Google, not content with offering “search suggestions� in the form of a drop down from the main search box on their website, they have decided to try and speed up the searching process by delivering search results as you type.

By avoding the need to click the search button or hit return, Google reckon this new addition will speed up searching by approximately 2-5 seconds per search.

The new feature has not yet been implemented on the website, but Irish Google users can access the new feature by visiting

For more information visit the Google Instant website at

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