I’ve been looking around for a while now to find something that I could send text messages easily from my desktop, without having to constantly log in to the Meteor website. At one stage, I thought about even building my own application, but thought the better of it when I realised I really didn’t have the time to warrant doing it.

I found quite a few applications that promised to do exactly what I needed it to, but the ones I did find, generally don’t work anymore – they’ve been blocked by the mobile operators. This is obviously an attempt to ensure users visit and use their website so they can sell us all their great offers.

This morning however, I found a new one that does work! Welcome…. CabbageTexter (www.cabbagetexter.com).

CabbageTexter is a free and easy to use desktop application that allows you to send SMS text messages through any of the Irish mobile operators from the comfort of your desktop. Set up is easy and the system includes a message history and phonebook system. The beauty of this application is that you can also download one for your mobile phone! This lets you send text messages for less than 1 cent through your mobile phone.

The mobile app isn’t as intuitive as the desktop alternative – but works none the less. I just wonder how long it will be before one of the major operators try and close this down!

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