The FIFA World Cup (awarded 1974–Present)
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It’s that time again, World Cup fever is upon us. I’ve been so looking forward to the World Cup again, even though I know that in a weeks time, I’ll probably be bored with the whole thing… I always have great intentions of watching as many World Cup final games as possible. But the reality is that my interest in watching the games quickly diminishes after watching the many poor games (and it looks like there will be quite a few in this World Cup) that we have available to watch.

None-the-less, there’s always hope!! And I hope that my interest doesn’t wane too soon. So where do I go to watch games online when I’m stuck at work with no TV. The Internet is the answer!!! There seem to be a lot more options compared to the last world cup, where the only way of watching football online was through a slow and dodgy sopcast stream.

This time RTE plan to show all their televised games online at and they are also promoting the fact that if you are outside Ireland, you can still watch the RTE televised games through the website.

There are many other sites promising to bring the South Africa World Cup games to your computer screen, but if you are in Ireland or Europe, the above links are all you should really need to catch the action.

Do you know any other stations showing the World Cup games online? If so, why not tell us all about them by commenting below!

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