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Starview / The Box missing channels

Ever since I posted a review on The Starview / The Box this site gets at least 300 unique visits a day for starview related queries.

Since I’m no expert on the subject, I avoid answering any questions and simply leave the comments to grow as long as there is nothing illegal going on.

One question that I’ve got a lot of personal emails on recently is how to get missing channels back on The Box. Apparently Channel 4 and Sky 1 have disappeared.

So if you are looking to get these channels back, you should check out David McGettigans Blog, in particular his post on the latest channel dump for Dublin –

I hope this helps all those who have been in touch! :)

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Starview 2 aka “TheBox” Review

A few months ago, I wrote about these new Starview boxes that allow you to get access to all NTL digitals channels, with a basic NTL analogue connection (illegally of course). I did my own research at that stage and found that they worked a dream.

Since then, I’ve been keeping my eye on developments on this front, hoping that I am proven right that NTL will actually find a way to prevent this. So far, everything NTL do to counteract this has been simply a waste of time. The speed at which the developers of the software for these boxes can find a way around the changes is phenomenal, which causes a minimal distruption to service. I’m sure it would be a nightmare for most users of the box to find out ways to get round these changes, but for the technical savvy, it’s a simple task.

Anyway, a friend of mine purchased one of the new Starview box’s, now called TheBox or Starview 2. This guy is as technical as an apple and instead of trying to figure it out himself, took the easy option of calling on me. So, I went and had a look at TheBox for him.

Although it’s more expensive than the original Starview, it’s not much different at all. Specifications are exactly the same, even though it’s advertised as being an upgrade. Looking closely at the system, the only change really is the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide). In the past, when you scrolled thorough the channels to see what was on next, it would also change the channel. Very frustrating and quite useless! Now though, you can scroll through the channels to see what’s on, without changing channel. Another new addition is the time beside the info for each channel and it also shows what’s on next.

It is illegal to receive subscription-based television airtime without paying for it. It is also illegal to connect this item to equipment that you do not own, without prior consent.

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