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Chris Cornell isn’t selling out… yeah right…

Chris Cornell played a few solo songs from Sou...
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Sorry guys, for all those that continue to insist that Chris Cornell is only taking his career in a new artistic direction seriously need their ears examined.

Here’s a link to Chris Cornells latest tripe, I mean song

His smarmy new look and haircut makes him look like he’s walked off the set of an Italian porn movie!

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Song of the Week – Fell on Black Days, SoundGarden

I didn’t hear any great new tracks this week – probably because of a mix of hard work and the lack of decent tunes out there right now. So I decided to dedicate this weeks song of the week to a fallen hero of mine Mr. Chris Cornell. Chris, when you write and perform tracks like this, you don’t need Timbaland to make you something special, you already are…

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Chris Cornell sells out…

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What has happened one of the greatest vocalists of our era?

Chris Cornell of the SoundGarden and most recently Audioslave fame has just shown that he too is susceptible to selling his soul for the cash!

His MySpace account ( ) has some tracks created with the help of Timbaland. Needless to say, I’m quite disappointed with them. He left a really good band in the form of AudioSlave to create this tripe!!!

Ok I agree the last couple of albums from AudioSlave were heading the soft route, but this is crazy.

Chris please give up this new route now! We’ll miss you greatly over here on the dark-side 😉

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