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Before Google announced their Fourth Quarter resultsĀ  for 2008 yesterday, most people expected a drop in revenue from the search King. There has been a lot of talk lately of job cuts sinceĀ  their recent decision to cease the future developments of Jaiku and other projects.

With the Worlds rapidly declining economy I really wasn’t sure how they would perform. When I looked at the recent upsurge in business that we were doing in Ireland, by businesses looking for new ways to promote their business, I should have really seen the writing on the wall. We were getting calls daily from people looking to promote their business on Google Advertising and were willing to pay whatever it took to get there.

It was if every business in Ireland had finally realised that the web was the place to promote their business and with the downturn, they needed to do it now. I, naively thought this was just an Irish phenomenon. That Irish “take a punt” mentality, but it seems we’re not the only ones to think like that.

Google’s results show an 18% increase in revenues for the same period last year. This can be directly linked to their web properties, which say an increase of 22% over the same period last year. A whopping $3.81 billion.

The downside to their wonderful results was that they only posted a meager $382 million profit, this can be put down to their investments in other business such as Clearwire and Time Warner.

You can view the full report by clicking here.

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