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No music videos for UK YouTube users

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Every executive in the music industry should be ashamed of themselves. It seems every day that goes by they get more ridiculous about this new thing – the Internet.

They probably all still sit around a desk with a pile of paper, with not a computer in sight. They’re main aim in life is to fight desperately to hold onto their crumbling piles of money. In the meantime they miss out on the opportunity to use the most powerful medium the world has ever seen to help grow their empire. That medium is the Internet. Yes I know I have said it many times here, but their ignorance to it continues to drive me insane.

I’m a musician and believe it’s only right that people pay for the use of any material I create. However, after working in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, I can see how beneficial the Internet could be to any existing artist or upcoming artist.

New artists dreamed of ways of getting their music in front of the masses for as little money as possible, in the early days, rock legends Metallica used to be happy for their fans to make bootlegged cassette tapes and give it to their friends, as it was a way to promote their music without paying any money. Now however, that is a different story altogether, they don’t like the Internet because it’s eating into record sales. Yet, they and their record industry bosses believe the only way to fight it was to bring lawsuits and prevent people accessing certain websites. For god sake – remember you all thought tape recordings were going to kill the industry???

For me it’s simple, if I could get my work out to millions of users through a FREE medium that promoted my work, I would personally see it as a God sent. The knock on effect to my music career would be immense and set me on a career for life.

Records bosses and bodies such as IRMA and the PRS feel that the only way to tackle the growing number of illegal downloads that is eating away at their bottom line, is to become censors or just be greedy.

In Ireland we have IRMA who have an agreement with Eircom to block any sites they want, which led to the start of the organistation and now in the UK we have the greedy PRS who want YouTube to pay them an “economically unsustainable” amount of money to be licensed to play their music. So pretty soon those poor souls in the UK won’t be able to view music videos through YouTube.

What a sad sad day…. Please grow up Record Industry and get with the times……

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VAT down (UK) : prices down on, well not really…

I wrote an article on Monday about some online stores not reducing their prices in conjunction with the recent VAT reduction in the UK. Original article here >>

Today it seems have reduced their price on one of the mentioned items; that is the Playstation bundle. So if you are planning on buying a PlayStation for Christmas – follow this link – and not the one posted on the original article – £10 cheaper today! :)

The other items mentioned in the original article have yet to see a reduction in price. Surely this is illegal?

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VAT down in the UK but prices seem unchanged on Internet stores

Today is the day that Ireland increase their VAT rate from 21% to 21.5%, while the UK decreases from 17.5% to 15%. Already it seems that some of the popular online stores, feel it’s not necessary to pass on the new savings to it’s customers.

In fairness to these stores, most of the items I have been looking at are sale or special offer items. Here’s a few of my observations.

  1. PS3 80GB bundle from : Last week £299.99 – Today £299.99
  2. Asus Eee PC 901 XP from : Last week £279.99 – Today £279.99
  3. LG W2234S 22″ TFT Monitor from Tesco Direct : Last week £119 – Today £119

Generally across the site, prices seem slightly cheaper and in-line with the reduction, but I can’t confirm this.

In Ireland, the rip-off culture seems to have shone through again. From a quick glance, it looks as those most Irish sites have passed on the miserly %0.5 VAT increase to it’s customers rather than trying to absorb the tiny increase.

Initially it seems, most online retailers seem to be taking advantage of the decrease or increase.

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