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Guess who hasn’t updated their website then? Irish sites that still offer the 21% VAT rate!

It’s been over 2 months since our new VAT rate of 21.5% was introduced, yet some companies feel that updating their website is not worth the hassle. Ok, they may have simply overlooked it, but is that really good enough?

Here’s just some of the companies yet to update their website:

It might be easier for you if you just did a search on google – click here to run a check

So… have you checked your website yet?

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And on that note…. VAT increases in Ireland, who has passed it on?

As we all know at this stage, the VAT increase has been in effect since Monday, but have we really noticed any difference? How many retailers have you seen adding on the increased VAT rate to it’s customers? I thought it would be quite interesting to know.

I asked a friend of mine who works in a Sony store, what they have done about the VAT increase. Interestingly his reply was “We absorbed it, we simply had to. Times are hard”. I was delighted to hear this, as I believed most retailers would simply add it on. Having looked around in other stores, there are no obvious signs of an increase in prices, I know it’s a tiny increase and would be hard to find. But my telltale sign was old looking pricing labels that obviously hadn’t been changed.

On the flip side – ValueIreland have an article on how the Toll on the M4 has increased by 4% to €2.80. Listening to NewsTalk this morning, each time they announced the number for texting your comments to, they had to include a disclaimer, “prices on Vodafone may be more expensive as they have applied the increased tax rate“.

If I’m to be honest, this is what I expected from most retail outlets, stealth increases to coincide with the VAT increase, but so far, this doesn’t appear to be true in most places.

I hope that this will be a continuing trend – but if you have noticed increases in places, please post the names here!

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VAT down (UK) : prices down on, well not really…

I wrote an article on Monday about some online stores not reducing their prices in conjunction with the recent VAT reduction in the UK. Original article here >>

Today it seems have reduced their price on one of the mentioned items; that is the Playstation bundle. So if you are planning on buying a PlayStation for Christmas – follow this link – and not the one posted on the original article – £10 cheaper today! :)

The other items mentioned in the original article have yet to see a reduction in price. Surely this is illegal?

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VAT down in the UK but prices seem unchanged on Internet stores

Today is the day that Ireland increase their VAT rate from 21% to 21.5%, while the UK decreases from 17.5% to 15%. Already it seems that some of the popular online stores, feel it’s not necessary to pass on the new savings to it’s customers.

In fairness to these stores, most of the items I have been looking at are sale or special offer items. Here’s a few of my observations.

  1. PS3 80GB bundle from : Last week £299.99 – Today £299.99
  2. Asus Eee PC 901 XP from : Last week £279.99 – Today £279.99
  3. LG W2234S 22″ TFT Monitor from Tesco Direct : Last week £119 – Today £119

Generally across the site, prices seem slightly cheaper and in-line with the reduction, but I can’t confirm this.

In Ireland, the rip-off culture seems to have shone through again. From a quick glance, it looks as those most Irish sites have passed on the miserly %0.5 VAT increase to it’s customers rather than trying to absorb the tiny increase.

Initially it seems, most online retailers seem to be taking advantage of the decrease or increase.

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Drop the VAT rate in Ireland

Drogheda & District Chamber President Patricia Rooney has launched a “Drop the VAT” campaign. You can lend your support at

Ireland’s VAT rate is due to increase from 21% to 21.5% on the 1st of December 2008. With the UK due to drop theirs from 17.5% to 15%, that puts serious pressure on retailers close to the border.

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