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Clever use of a YouTube Video Channel by Nintendo

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

We’re all acustomed to Nintendos innovation now at this stage. The Wii has been revolutionary (well nearly) in terms of gaming. Now they’ve brought their innovation to YouTube.

Take a look at the “ExperienceWii” channel on YouTube:

You may not be interested in the subject matter but stick this one through.

As you go along, watch as the page falls apart right in front of your eyes as if the erratic shaking of the controller has some magically control over your web browser.

Very good and no doubt something that will be passed on to millions. Good work guys!

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Google Chrome – where art thou?

The news broke last night unofficially on a blog (yeah right), that Google have or will be launching a new browser today.

Named Google Chrome, it is apparently faster, more secure, more reliable and more feature rich than any browser we are used to.

So where is it? Where can we get our hands on it? is the place apparently, but its giving a 404 not found error. [EDIT: Not anymore – it’s live and ready to be downloaded… so what ye waiting for?]

You can find out more about this browser by visiting

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New IE browser tester

Windows Internet Explorer 8

Another handy little tool for all your developers. IETester is a nicely presented tool for checking how your website(s) look in legacy IE browsers and of course the latest IE 8 beta!

Download and more information here:

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