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Is Google building the World’s largest Social Network by stealth?

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I’ve been using Google from it’s early days, when it was a developers little secret for searching the web. Each and every step of the way, I’ve signed up for any new innovative release from the search giant. I had a Google Adsense account when it was first launched in Ireland, a Gmail account while it was still in beta and I even signed up instantly for the the iGoogle personalised homepages as soon as it was released.

Initially I had a different account for each of these separate free services provided by Google, but overtime Google slowly persuaded me to make them all part of one default account. Now any new service they release, to sign up it’s just a case of confirming your password for your Google Account.

Every-time I log into my browser, Google have a record of everything I do, what I’m interested in and they even serve ads based on my web surfing habits. I have to admit that I don’t mind it at all, because it Google makes my life so easy with the services I use everyday and all of them are free.

Just recently, Google released it’s “Google Profiles” service to the World. Google Profiles allows anyone to create their own web profile, just like you would on say FaceBook. Google Profiles itself is not as advanced as Facebook, but it does allow you to upload photos, add your contact details and even create links to your own websites. If you already have a Google account, you have a Google Profile that you just have to activate.

So now all of a sudden you have a social network that is more powerful than any other – yet you didn’t even seem to notice right?

Not only do you have your own profile, you have an amazing emailing system with one of the largest free storage space on the web. You also have your own homepage where you can include gadgets, news sites and RSS feeds of interest in one location.

In fact, you can even include widgets to interact with Bebo or Facebook from one location. On top of that you have many other services such as Alerts, Groups, Knol, Docs, Blogger, Video, YouTube etc etc… the list goes on and on.Yet none of us seemed to notice.

As if by stealth, Google has made you unknowingly become part of potentially the largest social network to ever grace the world wide web.

But what next from the Search Giant? Will it begin to automatically shove communication tools and friend connect in our face?

When we log into our browser will we automatically connect through instant messaging just like when you log into Bebo or Facebook? I’m sure it’s not far off and I have to say I believe this is a master stroke from Google.

Checkout my profile

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Google searching your history to show suitable adverts

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In a step that worries me slightly, Google have launched a new behavioural targeting scheme into it’s Google Adsense scheme. Now instead of just focusing on the contextual content of the page you are currently viewing, it will also delve into the history of other sites you have viewed and display ads accordingly. The new system is currently running as a beta test on sites like YouTube.

So what does that mean for us the public? Well you can safely say your privacy is gone. For me who not only uses my laptop for work, but also for leisure – anyone that now accesses the web through my machine will be easily able to hazard a guess at the type of websites I like to frequent. Luckily enough for me, I don’t go to many dodgy sites. But what if I did?

Google do offer an opt-out and preferences management option, but the opt-out is cookie based, which means you’ll have to opt out from each machine you login through.

I have to admit, it’s a great module for Google to increase revenues, but in terms of privacy, that just seems to be out the window!

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No music videos for UK YouTube users

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Every executive in the music industry should be ashamed of themselves. It seems every day that goes by they get more ridiculous about this new thing – the Internet.

They probably all still sit around a desk with a pile of paper, with not a computer in sight. They’re main aim in life is to fight desperately to hold onto their crumbling piles of money. In the meantime they miss out on the opportunity to use the most powerful medium the world has ever seen to help grow their empire. That medium is the Internet. Yes I know I have said it many times here, but their ignorance to it continues to drive me insane.

I’m a musician and believe it’s only right that people pay for the use of any material I create. However, after working in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, I can see how beneficial the Internet could be to any existing artist or upcoming artist.

New artists dreamed of ways of getting their music in front of the masses for as little money as possible, in the early days, rock legends Metallica used to be happy for their fans to make bootlegged cassette tapes and give it to their friends, as it was a way to promote their music without paying any money. Now however, that is a different story altogether, they don’t like the Internet because it’s eating into record sales. Yet, they and their record industry bosses believe the only way to fight it was to bring lawsuits and prevent people accessing certain websites. For god sake – remember you all thought tape recordings were going to kill the industry???

For me it’s simple, if I could get my work out to millions of users through a FREE medium that promoted my work, I would personally see it as a God sent. The knock on effect to my music career would be immense and set me on a career for life.

Records bosses and bodies such as IRMA and the PRS feel that the only way to tackle the growing number of illegal downloads that is eating away at their bottom line, is to become censors or just be greedy.

In Ireland we have IRMA who have an agreement with Eircom to block any sites they want, which led to the start of the organistation and now in the UK we have the greedy PRS who want YouTube to pay them an “economically unsustainable” amount of money to be licensed to play their music. So pretty soon those poor souls in the UK won’t be able to view music videos through YouTube.

What a sad sad day…. Please grow up Record Industry and get with the times……

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Clever use of a YouTube Video Channel by Nintendo

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We’re all acustomed to Nintendos innovation now at this stage. The Wii has been revolutionary (well nearly) in terms of gaming. Now they’ve brought their innovation to YouTube.

Take a look at the “ExperienceWii” channel on YouTube:

You may not be interested in the subject matter but stick this one through.

As you go along, watch as the page falls apart right in front of your eyes as if the erratic shaking of the controller has some magically control over your web browser.

Very good and no doubt something that will be passed on to millions. Good work guys!

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